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ISOCLIMA turkiye izolasyonlu bakir boru

Isoclima SPA


Isolated copper pipe manufacturer

ISOCLIMA has been capable of gaining a important niche in the hydrothermal sanitary and air-conditioning market both in Italy and abroad, where it is present in over 25 Countries.


AC Deflector

Airflow Redirection

Being always expose directly to AC cold flow is dramatically affects our bodies, but most of us are daily obliged to stay in front of the AC flow because of our work or home furniture layouts.

airpatrol turkey vente wifi smart ac



Control your air conditioner with mobile

AirPatrol enables you to easily adjust the mode, room temperature and fan speed of your air conditioner from anywhere.

spin turkey flaring swaging



Ultra Fast Flaring Swaging


Using an innovative technology, the Migrare’s Swaging and Flaring SPINs are a new concept in HVAC tools, ready to quickly flare/expand any copper or aluminum tube, in just a few seconds.

fieldpiece turkey measuring HVAC tools instruments

Fieldpiece instruments


Hand-held measuring instruments for HVAC market

Fieldpiece is an American manufacturer of hand-held measuring equipments made for HVAC market.

black mamba gloves

Black Mamba Gloves


Protective Gloves

Black Mamba gloves were created for industrial applications where standard gloves just can’t survive.

mps turkey vente ipc-307



Inverter Phase Checker

An intelligent and easy to use diagnostic tool for problem solving in Inverter driven Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems. The Inverter Phase Checker will pinpoint the specific cause of problems by measuring and analyzing the output sequence from the inverter control board, providing a clear indication of the correct operation.




Fitting and Ducting Equipments for Air conditioning

Tecnosystemi is an Italian company specializing in the production of air conditioners and ducting equipment. Tecnosystemi has an extensive product portfolio providing accessories for solar, heating, cooling and air conditioning sectors.


Robinair / Promax / Tif


Service Equipment for Cooling Services

Robinair, Promax and Tif brands are among the leading brands in HVACR equipment.These brands ensure a wide range of products to users such as Vacuum pumps, Recovery machines, Pipe cutters, Analog manifolds, Gas leak detectors and special hoses.




Refrigerant analyzer

The Neutronics refrigerant analyzer indicates how pure the refrigerant is, what percentage of the fluid in the fluid content is, and whether there is air in it.



Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

AccuTrak Leak detectors are ideal for detecting any type of gas leak. (Air, Vacuum, Pressure line)

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